Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blog Challenge No.5: Compassion and Cupcakes.

How do you pour out compassion? Does it ooze out of you naturally or do you find yourself scrounging for compassion crumbs to dole out? By now you've figured out I love food, cooking, and everything associated or affiliated with it. One of the ways I show compassion is through baking for others - on a somewhat regular basis, if I'm going over to someone's house or a gathering of friends, I'm the foodie nerd bringing some sort of treat.

This week I haphazardly stumbled upon Shauna Sever's blog, Piece of Cake. What drew me to her blog was a random link I found for a cupcake recipe entitle Nutella Cupcakes. How could I resist? I mean, hello, who doesn't L-O-V-E Nutella?!?!? Who wouldn't want to soak in a bathtub of the golden spread?!? Okay, I'm getting a lil' off topic, but this chocolate hazelnut spread could become the next butter in your household, don't say I didn't warn you!

So today these Nutella Cupcakes are my small contribution to the world, my small token of compassion. Enjoy.


  1. People underestimate the power of love and compassion that can be handed out in a simple treat or meal. When someone receives something that is created just for the them to enjoy, you are telling them that you are worth my time and labor. You're happiness and pleasure is worth a sacrifice of my time. When I could be doing a hundred million other things, I would rather be here in the kitchen making this for you to be filled, both literally and figuratively. It means a lot to those on the receiving end, and I greatly appreciate people like you who take the time to consider others.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful feedback! What you said is so very, very true!

  3. The cupcakes look DELICIOUS! Thanks for the link, too. They look like they'd be fun to try. :)

  4. Thanks Kassie for the comment, they were delicious. Very rich! They were devoured instantly!