Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Challenge No. 3: Laughter.

Laughter is like a rare jewel, isn't it? I chose laughter as the next topic of Dian Reid's Authenticity Blog Challenge, because over the course of the past two weeks I have laughed. In fact, I have laughed a lot and that is a GOOD thing. One of my dear friends, Monica (who moved to London for love and to finish her collegiate studies) came to visit us (along with her Prince Charming, James). I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with her while she was here. Along with some of other close friends, we went out for many meals, cocktails and even a lil' dancing. And over the weekend, I got together with some friends for a game night, which is an automatic ticket for laughter.

If you haven't laughed lately or if you haven't laughed enough, you forget the importance of laughter. You forget the painstaking aches it can cause in your belly. You forget how a good laugh can practically make you cry. You forget how a good out loud laugh can turn into a silent, mouth gaping open laugh. And you may forget that you're even capable of laughing in spite of present circumstances. This is why those moments are precious and rare. It's not mistake that often laughter is born in a circle of friends, and in my case, laughter is also surrounded by good food and drink. I want to laugh more often and I want to laugh more deeply. I'd like to think that laughter weeds out certain roots in our souls - like, fear, pain, hurt, sadness, self loathing, self pity, and doubt. Most important of all, I hope you have people in your life who make you genuinely laugh.

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