Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blog Challenge No. 1: Love.

Karen Caterson, of Square-Peg Reflections, recently forwarded a blog challenge to her blog readers, which stems from Dian Reid's recent post entitled "Authenticity Blog Challenge". While this isn't necessarily "foodie" related, it sparked my interest and so I've decided to join the challenge during the month of June. Yes, dear readers, we have reached the halfway mark of 2010. Hard to believe really.

Dian Reid challenges bloggers to "share your thoughts, images, creative juices around one or all of the thirteen topics" - these topics include:

Compassion Intention Self-Awareness Courage Love Fairness Laughter Optimism Truth Vision Wilderness Wisdom Authenticity

So in no apparent order, I chose LOVE as today's topic. There are two people in my life, who I know without, a shadow of a doubt, love me. And while their "styles" may vary when it comes to showing how much they love me, I still know it to be true. Let the record show Exhibit "A" - my mom. If you haven't visited Bada-Bling, then you are missing out on the artistic and authentic journey my mom is sharing with all of you in cyberland. She's come a long way, heck, I'd say the last ten years alone have been transformational for her in various ways.

Exhibit "B" - my dad. He's an enigma, no doubt about that. He has a good heart and truly wants the best for me and my brother, Benjamin. And while he may not vocalize it all the time, it's real. In the photo above, my pops is pictured on the left.

There's no doubt, that I am oh so lucky to have them both as my parents. I've got the best of both worlds in many respects and it's fair (and I think accurate) to say that I've got a good mix of both of them (good and bad). And the older I get, I find out more and more, how much I resemble them both. I know alot of people out there can't say too many nice things about their parents, hell, some don't even have relationship with their parents. But I do. And I truly am grateful for them both. A parent's love is priceless. I only hope, that if I have a child of my own one day, I can pass on all of the love that's been bestowed upon me, to him/her. Every child deserves and is worthy of love.


  1. Teryll, how wonderful!

    I'm inspired by how quickly you wrote your first blog challenge post (ohman, now I've got to get my butt moving).

    My heart is touched by how you honored your parents (I'm giggling at the rabbit-ear-wearing pic) and Teryll - ohhhh: " Every child deserves and is worthy of love." Hell, yeah!!! Beautifully put!!

    So glad you joined the challenge!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Karen! I think I'm going to correlate some of the themes with food for future posts. After I posted this, I had a second love topic idea for "food of love". This is a wonderful challenge. I'm so glad to join, thanks for sharing!

  3. ditto what karen said about the "hell yeah" about "every child deserves and is worthy of love"!

    it can be so easy to focus on the negative, because when we look for it, it's always there...but just the same, when you look for positive, when you look for love...blammo! there it is.

    what a wonderful way to honor your parents...shows their love and honor for you, too.

  4. I sure hope I show up as "love" my my children's lives as you show up as "love" in your children's lives.


    (Excited to be a part of the challenge, too!)

  5. Thank you Dian and Julie for the comments, I think the older I get I'm becoming more and more aware of the impact of "parental" relationships impact us in how we live our lives!