Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog Challenge No. 9: Truth.

Continuing this week with Dian Reid's Authenticity Blog Challenge (only 4 more topics to go before the end of June) and today's topic is truth. So here's what I came up with:
Transformational: Truth can be transform you. It often can be a hard pill to swallow, some of us even turn a blind eye or deaf ear because we don't really want to hear/see the truth. If we acknowledge truth, then we can't hide from it any longer.
Reality: Truth is real. There are no half-truths and I don't buy into the "truth is relative" bit either. If truth is relative then it's easy to shrug it off and most will not take responsibility for their part.
Understanding: Truth requires understanding, it requires us taking the time and energy to assess, evaluate and reflect upon what is true.
Treasured: Often times truth can be rare and valuable jewel. It's something to be treasured.
Humbling: Truth can also be humbling, whether we are receiving it and giving it.
I want to embody truth and honesty. it's not always easy, but I would definitely like to strive for it.

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  1. nice job with all your blog challenges.. you've done a bunch!