Monday, April 7, 2008

Saturday Morning Crepes

For some ungodly reason I awoke (bright eyed and bushy tailed) at 8am this past Saturday. I could go off on an "it's my only day to slepp in" tangent but that would a non-food related tangent. Regardless, I planned on making nutella crepes over the weekend. I have to admit that for some odd reason, I have been intimated by the non-elusive "crepe". It's essentially a French pancake, usually stuffed with something sweet or savory. Let me tell you, the French definitely know how to a pancake justice. They were light, fluffy, buttery, thin and sinfully delicious. A few notes for those willing to try making crepes: (1) The batter needs to "rest" for at lease 30 minutes in the fridge. I opted for 45 minutes. (2) The batter should be liquid-like and thin. I added a little more milk to my batter after my first go-round of batter didn't easily swirl in my non-stick skillet as it should have. (3) After the batter "rested", I strained the batter through a sieve, the batter should be smooth, avoid lumps! Overall, it was definitely a "confidence-boosting" experience. The Nutella filling simply made them taste divine. I could really see one going "wild" with filling ideas for crepes.

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