Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hmmmm....Flaky French Toast and Tropical Pancakes

After arriving in Los Angeles, we headed our way to the San Fernando Valley. We were most definitely hungry. ALERT! Don't purchase a snack pack on Northwest Airlines, it's a complete waste of your $5. Back to breakfast, therein resides one of the best breakfast joints in Los Angeles, Jinky's. The original is located in Sherman Oaks and since it's opening they have opened two other joints, one in Santa Monica and one in West Hollywood. Always packed and consistently good, Jinky's is a sacred place. I already decided what I was going to order, prior to even landing in California, the Sierra Mountain breakfast. Flaky french toast (egg bread coated in crushed corn flakes), scrambled eggs and a ham steak. Paul ordered the same with their chicken apple sausage. I also included a photo of Dad's tropical pancakes with mandarin oranges, coconut and macadamia nuts. The photos speak for themselves. A moment of silence for some of the best damn breakfast.

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  1. boy, wish they had one of those joints in washington state! that would make the pacific northwest PERFECT!! yum. yum.....ox