Monday, April 28, 2008

The Womb

Perhaps none us truly remember or recall feelings associated with being inside the womb, for obvious reasons. However, many have heard tales, tried and true, regarding our mother's pregnancies. I surely don't, but thank God my mom's around to tell the stories of cravings, pain, labor and joy. One the stories involving my mother's pregnancy with me revolve around this L.A. hot dog stand, Cupid's. This was a frequently visited establishment while en route to the world at large. It's probably the reason it's one of my favs.
Grease bombs, indeed. Now many may argue as to the best chili sauce, but there's no doubt in my mind where I stand on this issue. Cupid's does dogs right, an everything dog includes chili, mustard and onion. You have the option of relish, ketchup and cheese, but I prefer the simple things in life. Because Cupid's is ALL ABOUT THE CHILI SAUCE.


  1. oh, lord. do i EVER remember THOSE days! teehee heck, your nana and i made the pilgrimage to the stand in van nuys around from our apt on sylvan street, just to get those puppies. hoping that the chili would evoke some kind of response in a kid who was due on the 14th of october and didn't show up until the 31st!! should have guessed something about your personality THEN! ahahhahha. anyhow, the memories are swirling and i could go for one of those dog-gees, RIGHT NOW!!thanks for the recall!

  2. mmmm, i want one now.. there's noting better...! right now I'm eating croissant with nutella.. hm, that could be better... completely different animals!