Tuesday, June 3, 2008

memorial day.

Last Monday was Memorial Day and while I should've been enjoying the "cook-out" and socializing with Paul's family, I was lying on his mother's couch sick as a dog a majority of the time. This was my dessert contribution to the festivities however. Paul loves cheesecake (and I learned so does his sister) and he's been asking me to make a traditional New York cheesecake. The above depicts the results thereof. I have made cheesecake two other times in my life and neither of those recipes were traditional. So I took on the challenge and decorated the cheesecake with half a pint of raspberries from a local farm. I was surprised to find that the recipe not only included softened cream cheese, but sour cream as well as heavy cream. I believe the sour cream is what gives it that smooth and light texture. Everyone seemed to enjoy it as only a quarter of the cheesecake was left. Always a good sign.

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  1. i love cheesecake with al my heart.. this looks soooooooo good! Stay above water my love!