Thursday, June 5, 2008

a tribute to bobby flay.

this past sunday, paul and i invited michelle from brew daily's over for a sunday supper. for christmas, my dad bought me bobby flay's latest book, mesa grill, devoted to his new york and las vegas restaurants. a couple of labor day weekends ago, dad and i made the trek to vegas to eat there, so i was totally stoked when this book came out at the end of last year. i used this opportunity to create dishes from this new book and test them out on paul and michelle. the menu included cumin crusted chicken with a mango garlic sauce, creamy green chile rice and a roasted asparagus and wild mushroom salad with bleu cheese, toasted pecans and a red chile mustard viniagrette. overall, i think it turned out splendidly. for dessert (not pictured because i completely forgot to take one) lime vanilla creme brulee. eat your hearts out.

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