Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jive Talk.

Sometimes I wish there were enough hours in the day to enjoy all the simple things in life and thank God for blogging because we can share them with one another. Here are some things I've been jiving on lately. Feel free to share your favorites too!

Jen Lee's latest blog post is priceless. She has a way with words and every time I read her posts I get the sense that I should stop whatever else I'm doing because it isn't nearly as important as soaking in her inspiration and humble words.

The Wednesday Chef's latest blog post will make you smile. It's nice to be reminded again and again of the simple pleasures in life even in the midst of a "perfect" day as a wedding can be.

I will never get bored looking at Etsy's home page, which features different sellers practically on the hour. The handmade world is so under-appreciated.

I have yet to try the recipes but I am constantly saving recipes from Melissa Clark's column, A Good Appetite featured in the NY Times.

Finding out that Tori Amos has finally shared her U.S. tour dates, you'll know where to find me on December 17th and 18th.

** Flower arrangements above are my first ones. I learned how to do it when I visited my mommy in May. Thanks Tracy!


  1. The flower arrangements are beautiful. You'll have to teach me. ~ Aivee

  2. I jive on your blog woman!!! also, when I feel down and need a laugh, I always peruse