Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spicy Cucumber Salad.

Lately I think I've failed as a blogger, it's been slim pickins' around here and I'm not quite sure why. I need to fill up my blogging tank I suppose. Anyhow, I've been wanting to share this gem of a blog I found and one recipe that I have been making consistently since I stumbled upon this fine blog.

One of my new favorite foodie blogs is Bap Story – devoted to Korean cuisine, two L.A. dwellers demystify Korean food in their own kitchen. Simply laid out, they shoot beautiful photos of ingredients and dishes in various stages. For obvious reasons, you are intrigued and less intimidated by said recipes as a result. I've loved trying Korean food, but often am not familiar with names of dishes and all of the components.

The recipe I want to plug is the spicy cucumber salad, also known in Korean as Oee Muchim. Persian cucumbers play the leading role in this refreshing salad. The perfect side dish for a hot summer evening. It's the perfect no fuss side dish to accompany grilled fish or a bowl of white rice and it will take you all of less than 10 minutes to throw it together. Who can argue with that? And it's better the next day. If you're staying away from that big white box in your kitchen due to heat or humidity, this recipe is sure to become your new best friend. Give it a go, you'll be going back for more, again and again.


  1. Ooh, sounds yummy! Now that you introduced me to the papaya thing at the Thai place I will totally try this! You are my foodie guru!

  2. Big hugs for you! Thanks for the LOVE!