Thursday, January 13, 2011

Susan Feniger's STREET.

Susan Feniger's STREET has been on my ever-growing restaurant list and with a coupon in hand (thanks to
Open Table), several weeks ago, a friend and I hit the streets of Hollywood and spent an evening at STREET. Feniger is known for her artful approach and her homage-paying to all foods Latin in nature. If you've eaten at Ciudad (no longer) or Border Grill, you know what I'm talking about. Feniger definitely delivers her same approach, but in my opinion, has stepped up her game at STREET. Take street food from around the world and make it playful, inquisitive and you've got a fantastic menu.

Off the bat, each dish stands on its own and each as very complex layers, but it's not overpowering. In fact, there were several dishes, that we were pondering and brainstorming which certain flavor or note we were picking up. As if we were drinking a really expensive wine. I felt like a little kid in a candy store.

Dish#1 - Sashimi with spicy sesame mayonnaise, yuzu ponzu, smoked salt, pink peppercorns and wasabi radish sprouts - I could've easily ordered another round of this dish, highly recommended by our server, I was succumbed to temptation. Sweet, smoky, salty, each element complimented the fish. The perfect expression of balance and respect for beautiful ingredients.

Dish #2 - Broiled scallops on the half shell with Peruvian aji amarillo cream, chorizo breadcrumbs, lime and fresh picked cilantro - I'd have to say this was probably my least favorite dish, and it has nothing to do with taste, it just wasn't a show-stopper quite like the others and I would've preferred the scallops were bigger. They were bay scallops.

Dish #3 - Sauteed brussel sprouts with apples, hazelnuts, and goat cheese - Prior to going to STREET, I had just seen a recipe for brussel sprouts sauteed with apples and immediately I wanted to make it. I love brussel sprouts and when I saw this dish listed on the menu, I just knew it was fate. This would get any child or adult to eat brussel sprouts.

Dish #4 - Black kale with refried white beans served with toasted olive bread and white anchovy butter - Have you noticed my slight obsession with KALE??? It's Jess' fault, she's the one to blame. This was so satisfying, a dish that makes you feel like you're being truly good to yourself.

Dish #5 - Braised short ribs Korean style with a scallion ginger cream and arugula - Nothing says comfort food (when it comes to meat) quite like braised short ribs. Tender, sweet and slightly dangerous.

Dish #6 - Thai tea creme caramel - this dessert takes the cake and there's no cake. It's been a while since I've had dessert somewhere that BLEW my mind and this night was the exception to the rule. I love custard and thai iced tea. The infusion was so delicate and flavors were
sumptuous, I felt like I had my very first kiss.

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