Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Entertaining.

Like most folks I fail at keeping resolutions when it comes to the "new year" and the past couple of years, instead I have resolved to making a list of intentions. A list of intentions does not quite have the same "effect" in that there isn't a looming dark cloud of pressure surrounding you. And at the end of year, when you reflect on that list of intentions, it's pretty neat to see how much you have accomplished.

One of my intentions for 2011 is to entertain more - last February I moved into my place, but I haven't christened it with many gatherings of friends and family. So I kicked off the new year this past weekend by hosting a small brunch and crafty party with two girlfriends. There was laughter, storytelling, crafting, bubbly, sharing, and of course, dining. The menu included a frittata, hash brown casserole, and banana nut muffins (as depicted above).

Frittatas are fun, inventive, and have a mind of their own. I understand the irrational fear of omelette making, but I'm still puzzled by those who are afraid of a little thing called a frittata. Not only are they easy to make, there are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to ingredients to add to this baked egg wonder. I added ribbons of kale, purple asparagus, sundried tomatoes and shredded pecorino romano cheese.

The hash brown casserole was a recipe I found online (the link above will take you there) and turned out to be a carb/cheese lover's dream. This isn't exactly "healthy" but it sure did fit the bill and makes a great side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

The super moist banana nut muffins were from one of my most reliable baking books, The Weekend Baker. What's great about this book is its layout. Abigail (the author) separated recipes based on timeframe. So if you're looking for quick last minute baking recipes, there's a section devoted to that. if you're looking for more labor-intensive baking, there's a section for that. And her recipe writing skills are hands down some of the best.


  1. Your food looks sooo Tasty!! I want some. I think you should open up a restaurant.


  2. thank you soo much for the LOVELY day and lunch!