Monday, January 5, 2009

chicken curry-licious.

Right about now if you walked into my house you would still smell the remnants of Indian food I cooked last night. In the January 2009 issue of Bon Appetit, I found a recipe for chicken with a red pepper and shallot curry that screamed my name. I simply adore Indian food. I adore the complex combination of spices. Indian food is rich, deep and above all else, delicious. The chicken thighs were baked in a tomato-yogurt mixture that included cumin, cayenne, paprika, cloves, cardamom, celery seeds, salt, pepper, canola oil, garlic and a few others that have escaped my brain at the moment (13 in all). While the chicken was baking and the basmati rice was steaming, I made the red pepper and shallot curry that included red and yellow bell peppers, shallots, tomatoes, jalepenos, paprika, turmeric and cumin seeds. Spicy and intoxicating. This dish warms your spirit and your belly. The perfect ending would've been a Bollywood movie, but we settled on the Superstars of Dance. So sue me. Perhaps during this new year you will take a culinary train ride and dive into some new recipes! Whatever your intentions may be for the new year, I wish you well!


  1. my mouth is watering again........that you very much indeed!! one of my intentions this year is to dive into the cookbook you gave me and and "magic bullet" your nana gave my last year and cook up some new and fantastic dishes. xoxoxo

  2. you know what? you've inspired me! i've been out of the kitchen for years (used to cook ALOT!) - tho I still love doing the fancy stuff - quiches and soufles...(can't spell it .soooo..quoting you..sue me..grin)

    when i was a kid we had enough curry to choke a horse..but nothing mom was a chicken salad addict..and put curry in it..hence the smell of curry used to make me gag - BUT - reading your description..i'm looking forward to trying some Indian food (that curry deal had me avoid it like the plague for many a year..time to grow up!)
    thanks lady!!

  3. awww...Karen, you've been traumatized by curry. it's probably the elusive orange colored "curry" powder that has rendered you anti-curry, at one point in your life. have no fear, help is near!

  4. i made beef curry last month, and this month I did chicken curry. my beef curry was better, but your chicken curry looks yuMMMY