Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Times.

These smiles are a result of martinis, sweet potato fries, baked pastry filled with artichokes and cheese, vegetable pizza, wine and champagne. Thanks to Lola's in West Hollywood, me and my girls had a swanky time. I kid you not, I ate sweet potato fries for dinner that night. Perhaps I'm going vegetarian?!? LOL! I love these girls and I miss them dearly.

This is just one of the beautiful sunsets I got to watch when I stayed in Long Beach with my BFF, Laurel. Yes, we were sipping on Chardonnay and eating a cheese plate. Such is the life.

I admittedly do not like this picture, but I now have proof that I visited NapaStyle in Pasadena. Michael Chiarello (PBS and Food Network) has his own catalog, but now you can shop in store too. There are several stores in California and I wouldn't be surprised if they expanded further. From olive oils to dips, spreads, to beautifully crafted, artisan handiworks, this store will make your mouth and your pocketbook water.

Now we are talking....a plate of gorditas from Tres Hermanos. Laurel and I made a pit stop there for some authentic Mexican grub. This was one of my "usuals" when I hit that spot on a weekly basis. Yes, you heard me, I said weekly. The problem is it's reasonable, delicious and super close to my dad's house in the valley.

Laurel, Deborah and I met at Electric Lotus in Los Feliz for some girl time and Indian food. It was so cool that we sat below this gorgeous Shiva painting. One of my favorite Indian restaurants in Los Angeles. The restaurant is mysterious and dark, sari prints hanging everywhere. Plus the spread is to die you can see below. Garlic naan, chicken stuffed naan, a dish with roasted cauliflower and potatoes (the name escapes me), raita, and chicken tikka masala. Spicy, warm, complex flavors that keep us coming back for more and more.

I have more pictures from latest trip to Los Angeles, which I will post on my facebook and myspace accounts. It was great to get away, though the circumstances are sad. I'm so lucky to have awesome friends and family. I have never felt so much love and support. It's amazing. And if anything, it's amazing to see how friendships and the sharing of food bring us together.


  1. Teryll, i' ve never had Indian food (unless you count my mom's scary chicken stuff when i was a kid, which had enough curry in to leave the smell in my nose to this day!)..i guess it's the curry-fear..that's kept me away from trying any Indian food - but ohmy - seeing your pictures here - i'm ready!

    those smiles..awesome and gorgeous! woo hoo!

  2. It's all about how you're introduced to Indian food. Like anything else, bad first impressions can often prove difficult to lift. But I have a feeling I could twist your arm!

  3. loe the pics, love the food, love your writing style. you got it ALL going on, girl!! xoxoxoxoxxo

  4. omg, how have I been so gone that I missed this post??? I love it, and YOU