Thursday, September 25, 2008

what's in a name?

What's in a name? A name unlike any other by that name? Here in Fort Wayne, people have the misconceived idea that a bagel is a bagel. If it looks like a bagel and tastes like a bagel, it's a bagel. How poorly misguided my dear friends have become. Thank God, this 1/2 Jew is around to introduce you to what is known as the "bagel". There is much debate and scrutiny over this carbohydrated creature, but the truth is the best bagels are bagels from the East Coast. Many have spent hours, perhaps even years, researching and researching the science behind the bagel and the truth's all about the water.
What your eyes are feasting on in the picture is an "The Works", the perfect culmination of salt, sesame, garlic, poppy seed, onion and plain all wrapped into this beautfil piece of bagel art. Toasted or untoasted, the delicate, chewy crumb of this bagel requires a spread of whipped cream cheese and a couple of pieces of smoked, cured salmon a.k.a. lox. However you top your bagel is your choosing, but if you're ever on the East Coast, make sure you try this phenomenon. The truth shall set you free.


  1. amen, litle sister, to that one! i still have a crystal clear memory of meeting dorothy blossom meltzer sacks for the first she was heading out to tabachinicks for bagels and white fish salad spread. i swear, i can still taste it!!! and you are so very right. ain't no bagel like an EC bagel.

  2. i haven't had a bagel in a loooong time. looks yummy!