Friday, September 5, 2008

the island life.

So I am settling back in my Midwest habitat after a relaxing and enjoyable week's vacation visiting my mom and stepdad in Whidbey Island, Washington. We visited two wonderful farmer's markets while there and I whipped up a batch of late summer squash soup for my mom. The pics above show some of the lovely produce and flowers available for sale at the markets. We also played with my mom's puppies, Vallyn and Trey, and I learned how to sew! I made two pillows!!! We also painted ceramics, saw Mamma Mia, went to flea markets, toodled around Queen Anne's district and Ballard in Seattle, oh what fun! Of course, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and Getrude Armstrong Cake for my stepdad. It was a wonderful time and I wish I lived closer to my mom, she's a joy to be around. My boyfriend caught a sinus infection, so last night I made some matzo ball soup for him, it was comforting and soothing, a sign of the cooler weather and heartier meals to come as fall beckons.

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  1. yay! cute pictures.. I'm glad u finally learned to sew!! hehe. I want to see mama mia so bad, but havent gone yet. ahh, fall becons.. summer blows away with the cool wind, and tides flow over the old waves like mountains tumultuous, enveloping the whole sky that used to be filled with laughter