Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spilled Milk.

Fourteen days later, Happy New Year to you all! It's been an intense couple of weeks, for a number of reasons. I'm clearing out the old, so that the "new" and "wonderful" can meander over to my neck o' the woods! Just wanted to share a foodie podcast with y'all: Spilled Milk, which is hosted by Molly Wizenberg of Orangette and Matthew Amster-Burton, both Seattle based foodies and writers. The first episode is devoted to Fried Eggs, all of its glories, and includes a recipe for Kimchi Fried Rice. It will make you laugh, chuckle, even snort (I admit it, I caught myself a few times) and of course, it will educate and inspire. Check it out when you've got 15 minutes to spare, you'll be glad you made the pit stop. You can also subscribe to this podcast in iTunes.

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