Thursday, November 5, 2009

Run, Don't Walk

Run, don't walk to see this film. It's not in the theaters anymore, but it was just released on DVD this week. I've been patiently awaiting its release (it didn't come to Fort Wayne before I left) and last night I received it in the mail from Netflix. Food, Inc. is genius, pure and simple. We could sit around the fire and debate political issues all night long, but the fact of the matter is that the government is not looking out for our interests when it comes to food production. There's not an argument you can formulate to argue otherwise, and we can make all the excuses in the world for making certain decisions. There are many important lessons transmitted by this film, one of which confirms that our voice often is connected to our wallets. How we spend our money speaks volume. And it's not all about money, it's also about life and longevity, something this country is not known for, yet we still remain a powerhouse globally on the economic scale. It doesn't make sense and I think this film brilliantly displays that very fact. For more information on the film and getting involved on a "deeper" level, check out . I am definitely stirred up to make better choices and do some research on the issues presented in this film, I'm choosing to vote with my wallet.


  1. ohohoh, i'm going to netflix this - the last movie you suggested totally grabbed me! thanks!!

  2. yes, you should definitely watch it! let me know your thoughts!