Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honorary Mexicans for a Day.

Hola amigos! I had a serious craving for some carne asada over the weekend and decided my Memorial Day would be spent honoring veterans by chowing down on some carne asada tacos and corn (Mexican style). I took my Latin inspiration from none other than Rick Bayless, author, chef, and PBS personality. I prepared a rustic roasted tomato salsa, which packed a helluva lot of heat to accompany the juicy, perfectly cooked carne asada (which I cooked my indoor grill). The carne asada (I used flank steak) marinated since morning in a garlicky ancho chile rub consisting of ground ancho chile powder, dried oregano, brown sugar, cumin, salt and pepper. Warm soft corn tortillas and guacamole turned these tacos into bites of bliss. I steamed some ears of sweet corn and doused them with a little butter, homemade mayonnaise, chili powder and squeezed some lime juice on them. The combination of sweet corn with the heat and acidity of the chili powder and lime juice, made for a dynamite explosion of flavors in my mouth. I kept tooting my own horn yesterday, mainly because it was my first attempt at salsa (THAT GOOD) and carne asada! My mouth and my belly were so happy, they were performing their own version of a "happy dance". Every meal should be so fruitful.

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  1. shervie would have loved this.. my mexicans put parmesan on the corn too.. too much for me though, i just like butter.