Tuesday, April 14, 2009

oy vey, ole!

I don’t want to admit this, but since Molly Wizenberg of Orangette can spill the beans, so can I. There are recipes that fail miserably, be it oversight on my part or a poorly written recipe. For a foodie, it’s disheartening and often the source of anger, resentment and what I’d like to diagnose as “pad thai depression” (PTD). It happened Monday night. I was giddy to try a new recipe for pad thai that I pulled out from one of my favorite food magazines. It smelled good, it looked good, and all was right with the world until I took a bite. Overpowered by sriricha sauce, my pad thai was ruined (in my book) and I sunk into some serious PTD. Like an artist disappointed with a ruined canvas, I too, take it personally when something doesn’t turn out perfectly. Classic type “A” personality, yes, but also neurotic and passionate about the kitchen? Most definitely, especially after a weekend of successful cooking!

I was too distraught to post about the PTD, but I saved the best for last. Last Friday, I made chile rellanos. Chile rellanos are one of my all-time favorite Mexican dishes and I’ve always “oohed” and “aahed” over how the mechanic’s of this delicious treat, until now. Time consuming? Yes, yes, and yes. Not only did it test my culinary skills, but also required some last minute creativity. The effort paid off as you can see.


  1. PTD cracked me up (not what happened! I SO resonate with the feelings..i don't cook as often as you - but when i do - ohhhhh, i SO want it to "work") - great food-related (or would that be foodie-related? hmm) diagnosis!! pic is gorgeous! and yet another thing i've never tried (to make or eat!!)..great title also!

  2. I have admit that PTD keeps me from trying MANY recipes...and often leads to a LONG hiatus from cooking. I tried a weight watchers "zero point" mexican soup a couple weeks ago. It had lots of fresh peppers (which meant lots of chopping, something I'm not great at.) So it took LOTS of time and effort to prepare. The last ingredient was cilantro...which I am not a huge fan of. But being a WW recipe, I feared leaving it out would mean absolutely no flavor...so I threw it into the pot in the end anyway. But as I thew it in, somehow I knew I'd just ruined it. :( The cilantro was so overpowering...UGH. And the soup reminded me of that gross diet cabbage soup my mom made back in the early 90's. I cried. SO much work. But there is a saving grace: Tim liked it! :) So he ate some that week and I froze some for him for future lunches.

    OK, that's my most recent failed recipe story. (And I don't think I cooked ANYTHING at home for at least a week and a half!)

  3. Kassie, I can relate TOTALLY! I used to be a WW member and at least half of their recipes were major failures in my book!