Monday, February 16, 2009

moussaka. greek style lasagna.

I simply adore Greek food and it's a shame I have to make it myself (Fort Wayne lacks a booming authentic Greek community, let alone restaurants), but I suppose the lack has forced me to experiment and cook! Thank you to The Olive and the Caper, a Greek cookbook I've had sitting on my shelf for years. I bought it at the suggestion of one of my favorite radio food shows, Good Food on KCRW in Los Angeles. You can listen to it online! Anyhoo, I've been craving one of my favorites, moussaka. Essentially, it's a greek version of lasagna minus the pasta. Actually, it's more like a greek version of eggplant parmigiana. Anyhoo, its layers of baked slices of eggplant (or you can fry them), a ground lamb mixture of tomatoes, cinnamon, allspice, olive oil and salt and pepper, topped with a bechamel that includes feta and parmesan (I don't have access to the greek cheese it calls for and used this as a substitute). It wasn't as tasty as the moussaka at The Great Greek in Studio City, California, but it did satisfy my craving.


  1. i'll bet it WAS as deleicous as the great greek' can be called the great half-jew!!

  2. DEFINITELY one of my all time favorites when I was in greece. In greece you're either eating mousakka, cucumbers and tomatoes, octopus, or GOOP. (what we gringos call it)