Thursday, July 10, 2008


Wish this picture wasn't so "flashy", I'm still getting used to the various flash choices available to me on this digital camera. I truly intended to take a picture of the blueberry-lime cobble with ginger-cornmeal biscuits before biting into it, but completely forgot. Hope you had a pleasant 4th, ours was very low key. In fact, we didn't have "plans" until Thursday evening. We spent most the day watching a movie, going to a garage sale and eating pizza. As the evening drew near, we headed up to Kendallville to have a mini cook-out with Paul's parents and watched the fireworks over Bixler Lake. All in all it was a nice time. As always I offered to bring a dessert and what spells out patriotism more than a blueberry cobbler??? (Pie I suppose, but given the time frame I was not about to go there...). This recipe actually called for lemon zest, but alas there were NO lemons at Wally World the night before the 4th of July. Perhaps all of northwestern Fort Wayne had the same idea I did. :) Maybe not. So instead I used limes and worked out perfectly. All I can say is a little ground ginger goes a long way, faint bursts of ginger in the biscuit topping was a nice touch.

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