Sunday, March 2, 2008

Whoppers....the way to a girl's hearts.

I tried a new recipe this morning from a baking book I recently borrowed from the library. The name of the book is Baking: from my house to yours by Dorie Greenspan. Dorie has quite an impressive career in the culinary world, having worked with Julia Child and even affiliated with Bon Appetit, one of the many foodie magazines available for us to devour.
This was one of the first recipes that caught my eye because it included malted milk powder and coarsely chopped Whoppers, the chocolate covered malt balls many children and adults adore while watching a movie. My heart rang out simply because I love chocolate malts more so than shakes.
First things first - there was a very important instruction left out of the recipe, what temperature to preheat and bake the cookies at. I perused other cookie recipes in her book and decided on 350.
Paul, his parents and kids were my taste testers - I had two bites of the cookie myself, purely so I had some basis to write this blog. Overall, the cookie was tasty, soft and chewy. It's texture was definitely cake-like (agreed by all tasters) and you really couldn't decipher the malted milk flavor unless you bit into one of the whoppers. The recipe called for a cup of malted milk powder so I expected the cookie to exude more of the malted milk flavor. That may be something I can play with, if I decide to give this recipe another go.

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