Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crafty Cookin'

Recently, I've had a strong desire to make pickles, don't ask me where this sudden urge arose from, but it's loud and it's proud and I have a feeling it isn't going anywhere. Whenever I have a sudden urge to do anything, I usually research and research, oh and did I mention research the heck out of it before I commit myself to it? It's true, call it the neurotic slightly-Jewish-by-heritage side, but it's how I roll. I picked up a copy of this gem called Jam It Pickle It Cure It at the library and have been devouring it late at night in my bed. The book's title alone was a worth a trip to my local library branch. This book isn't really all about pickling, though a chapter is dedicated to this craft, but it covers all "crafty" endeavors when it comes to homemade pantry items. The book has "recipes" or "instructions" for making your own butter, bacon, cheese, marshmallows, crackers and more. If you are into food and crafts, this book might bring you to your knees. The bonus is that this book is clean, laid out professionally and has an innate ability to draw you into its world. I've written a few recipes down and made a list of ingredients to get for some food projects. I will definitely keep you informed of the "results".


  1. I would really love to learn how to make marshmellows....if you make them, I will try it. Just need Master Chef Teryll to show me the way!

  2. From what I can tell, it's not difficult at all! Maybe I'll make some for Christmas - hot cocoa and homemade marshmallows.