Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NPR and Cakes.

Call it what you may, but living in Los Angeles forces most of us to spend some "quality time" in our vehicles driving to and from work. Last night, sitting in traffic, I was listening to NPR and caught a wonderful story which featured a very special lady. Melissa Gray (who works at NPR) is known around the office as a "baking guru". It's not hard to spot this kind of colleague, those employees who spend evenings in front of an oven, rolling out pie dough, or whipping up some homemade buttercream frosting for a delicate sponge cake. You know the kind I'm talking about, I happen to fall into that category myself. And as a result of Melissa's dedication and love for baking cakes of all treats, she has published a book entitled "All Cakes Considered". The title is a play on NPR's broadcast, All Things Considered. As I continued my commute out of downtown Los Angeles, Melissa's featured recipe for Sweet Potato Pound Cake practically had me foaming at the mouth. Click on the link above to hear the story, read the article and print the recipe. I know what I'm going to bake this weekend, and now you do too.
Photo courtesy of www.npr.com


  1. WOW, this sounds good and I will go get the recipe and give it to my Mom. Thanks Teryll

  2. i was just coming to your blog to good-naturedly complain that you haven't been writing lately. where is teryll-my-food-guru?? and here you are talking about cakes........instead of baking us a gertrude armstrong cake and SENDING it!! teehee! glad to see that you are back in fine form! write-on, baby!

  3. Is it possible that you could come work somewhere near me - or FOR me? I can barely imagine the bliss of having a delightful foodie like YOU nearby!!!